SMARTEX DF LLP annually creates an action plan to improve the conditions of safety and labor protection. The purpose of planning in the occupational safety management system in SMARTEX DF LLP is to develop a set of measures aimed at ensuring safety at work. These measures make it possible to identify workplaces with dangerous conditions and prepare the action Plan for improvement and recovery of working conditions at these works. Also, the Company has developed and operates the Policy of quality, ecology, occupational safety and health.

In modern conditions, many aspects of industrial activity negatively affect the health of personnel including constant stress, sleep loss, and poor ecology, which is especially important for large cities, but the main thing is time pressure. The lack of personal time delays employees in undergoing checkups in a timely manner and seek for medical help, ignore sports and recreation,  fail to take care of healthy eating. In a situation where an employee does not have enough time, the employer has to take care about health of the employees. And that is why our Company uses Health management technology, which is becoming more and more relevant in Kazakhstan. In the most general form, Health management includes two components.

The first is a comprehensive study of medical risks, the purpose of which is to identify and rank factors that negatively affect the health of employees by importance. Second, planning preventive measures to follow and thus reducing the incidence. Preventive measures cover all areas that affect the health of employees in one way or another. These are not only regular medical examinations and vaccination, but also corporate fitness, programs that stimulate smoking cessation, healthy nutrition and the ecology of the office. In our company, the Health management program is implemented together with insurance company and fitness club.

SMARTEX DF LLP understands that driving a car is a dangerous activity. The Company takes appropriate measures to reduce the identified risks.

In order to ensure safety and labor protection, the Company takes every effort to make the work of our employees safe by developing, policies and procedures, initiating different briefings and meeting with the purpose to reduce the negative impact of production factors and eliminate the chance of dangerous situations. SMARTEX DF LLP recognizes that driving is connected with danger that little can escape thus we do our best to take all appropriate measures to reduce the identified risks. Employees pay special attention to the potential risks associated with driving and try to minimize the driving time. In order to minimize the risks of this dangerous activity, it is necessary to take the following precautions, which are specified in the Safe Driving Policy. The success in achieving our company’s goal in the field of environmental protection is ensured by the implementation of special functions. Among them are planning of measures for environmental protection and rational use of natural resources; standardization of norms and requirements for environmental properties of products; regulation of labor processes in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection; control and regulation of the implementation of environmental protection measures. SMARTEX DF LLP has adopted a Green Policy regarding environmental protection and improvement of the Environmental Management System. Following the corporate values of the Company and realizing the responsibility for maintaining favorable environment conditions the employees and the management need:

-To prevent or consistently reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by production activities.

-To take strict measures in order to comply with environmental legislation, constantly improve the environmental performance of the company.

-To strive to reduce the consumption of natural resources (water, gas, electricity, raw materials) and minimize the formation of waste and emissions of harmful substances.

-To keep the employees informed about the problems in environmental indicators honestly and objectively.

-To maintain and develop relationships with public and state environmental organizations.

Conduct internal audits to control and improve the company’s environmental performance