Technical, logistical and material support is monitored by the production office of SMARTEX DF, which is located in Aktobe

The production policy of our company is based on uninterrupted engineering and technical support of projects. The advantage of SMARTEX DF employees is not only in excellent skills and wide work experience, but also in a constant desire to learn and find something new, to be ready to overcome any obstacles and solve problems, to help others. Following the requirements of the production process, our engineers work in shifts on 28/28, however, at the request of the client, we are always ready to change the work schedule. The professionalism of SMARTEX DF engineers is confirmed by certificates of international drilling mud schools, as well as extensive experience in various fields. SMARTEX DF engineers are fluent in English and have excellent computer skills to work with software for processing reports and project analysis.

SMARTEX DF engineers have at least the following qualifications:

Production Schools on Basic Drilling Mud Technologies

Experience working with drilling fluids at various fields.

Engineers will be able to start work within one week after notifying the Company.

The Project Coordinator in Aktobe provides technical support from the central office and directly at the field. All reports from the fields are sent to the Coordinator electronically to ensure the necessary control over the project.


To estimate a drilling fluid program, it is necessary to know the geological and technical conditions (GTО - geological and technical order), it describes the design of the well, lithology, diameters of the well and casing pipes, as well as the parameters of the drilling fluid to be observed and provided by the customer

As well as additional information such as the reservoir characteristics, expected complications, stratigraphy, lithology, reservoir conditions and data from neighboring previously drilled wells with all the resulting problems encountered during the process .

After careful study of the above information, a drilling fluid program is prepared. The most recommendable drilling fluid system is so far proved to be FORTIDRILL system. It insures the safe opening of productive formations, minimal contamination of reservoirs, the stability of the trunk and the walls of the well.

The advantages of FORTIDRILL system are high–quality well construction, easy retention of the specified drilling fluid parameters, fast processing if necessary to change any parameters. This system is the most resistant to lithological changes and aggressions of all kinds of contamination with salts and carbonates. The system can also be stored and reused at the next passing wells, proving the stability.