Engineering and technical support of the projects

Kazakhstan oil companies have already estimated the rate of professionalism and high qualification of SMARTEX DF specialists.

Technical, logistical and financial support of the project is managed by SMARTEX DF Operational Office, located in Aktobe.

SMARTEX DF project policy is based on continuous engineering and technical support. The distinguishing feature of SMARTEX DF personnel is not only perfect professional skills and high experience, but also continuous aspiration to learn and perceive new, to meet and overcome challenges, solve problems and help others. Following to the requirements of operational process, our engineers work by rotation method 28/28, however at client’s convenience we are always ready to review work schedule.

Professionalism of SMARTEX DF engineers is assured by the certificates of International Mud Schools in Houston, USA and Volgograd, Russia, and also great experience in different oilfields.

SMARTEX DF engineers speak fluent English and have excellent PC skills for the work with special software to make reporting and project analysis.

SMARTEX DF engineers, as a minimum, have the following qualifications:

  • Operational Schools of Basic Mud Technologies
  • Experience of work with drilling fluids in different oilfields.

Engineers can start work within one week since the notification by the Company.

Project coordinator in Aktobe provides technical support from the central office and directly on the field. All reports from the field are sent to Coordinator by email for appropriate assistance to the project.


Drilling fluids technical programs

1) It is necessary to know geological- technical conditions for scheduling (GTP – geological- technical plan), mud programs, well plan, a lithology, well bore and casing are described in GTP and also necessary mud parameters which are provided by the customer. Just as additional information will be useful reservoir characteristic, the expected complications, stratigraphy, lithology, reservoir barrels and information about neighboring earlier drilled wells with all evolving problems.

2) Drilling fluids technical program is formed after attentive studying of information above and then selected the most acceptable system of drilling fluids. At present this system is SMARTHIB/SOLTEX. Non-hazardous well completion minimal reservoir contamination, stability of the hole and wellbore walls are taken into account.

3) Advantages of SMARTHIB/SOLTEX system is a high-quality well construction, easy keeping of the set parameters of drilling fluids, rapid processing in need of change of any parameters. This system is the steadiest to lithologic changes and to various salt and carbonates pollution aggressions, also the system can be stored and reused on the next passing wells i.e. here stability of this system is noted.