HSE - Health, Safety and Environment

«SMARTEX DF» LLP pays special attention to occupational health and safety compliance, environmental protection, quality and good reputation.

We aim at improving quality of our products and services, worrying about the safety of human health and environment, to fulfill all their obligations in this area.

Recognizing self-responsibility to the population of Kazakhstan on environmental conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, ensure safe working conditions, the activity of «SMARTEX DF» LLP in the field of quality is based on the following principles:

1. Comply with the legal requirements established in the field of quality, environment, occupational health and safety;

2. Minimize the negative impact on the personnel, the environment by preventing pollution and natural emission control, efficient use of natural resources, as well as to prevent injury and ill health staff, improving the reliability of process equipment, ensure its safe and trouble-free operation;

3. Raise awareness of staff in the field of quality, environment, safety and health;

4. Open discussion with stakeholders and achieve the notion of our policies, standards, programs and actions in the field of quality, safety and the environment. Reward for outstanding achievements in this area.

Management of «SMARTEX DF» LLP is responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy, all kinds of resources, motivation of employees to meet the requirements of an integrated management system.


Under current conditions, many aspects of the production activities have a negative impact on the health of staff: it is a constant stress and lack of sleep, poor environment, which is especially important for cities, but the main thing, is the lack of time. The lack of personal time doesn’t allow employees to timely examinations and to seek medical care, to pay attention to the sport, recreation and healthy eating. In a situation where the employee doesn’t have enough time, the employer must manage the health of their employees. Thus our company uses technology Health management, which is becoming increasingly important in Kazakhstan. Generally the form of Health management includes two components. The first is a comprehensive study of the health risks, the purpose of which is to identify and rank in importance the factors negatively affecting the health of employees. The second plan is drawn up preventive measures to be undertaken to reduce the incidence. Preventive activities cover all areas, or otherwise affecting the health of employees. It is not only regular checkups and vaccinations, and corporate fitness programs that stimulate smoking cessation, healthy eating, as well as ergonomics and ecology office. In our company Health management programs implemented jointly with the insurance company KazKomPolis and a fitness club World Class.



«SMARTEX DF» LLP recognizes that driving is a dangerous activity. The Company takes appropriate measures to reduce the identified risks.

The head of department should pay more attention to the potential risks associated with driving a car, and try to minimize the time spent driving.


The goal of our company in the field of environmental protection is ensured by the implementation of special functions. Among them is the planning of measures for environmental protection and rational use of natural resources; standardization of norms and requirements for the environmental properties of products; regulation of labour processes with regard to the requirements of environmental protection; control and regulation of implementation of measures for the environmental protection.